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Container Shipping

Container Shipping – one of the many services of our transport company. This type of cargo transportation is carried out through special containers, which allows to minimize the time of intermediate work, such as loading and unloading products. Transportation of cargo using a container is possible by road, rail, sea and air.

In our work we use standardized and specialized containers. Loading and unloading, sorting of goods is carried out on a dedicated territory, equipped with the necessary special equipment and machinery. Allowed transportation of standard and groupage cargo. It is forbidden to use containers for transporting flammable, perishable and chemical products.

Container Shipping is very popular among residents of our country. Among the main advantages of this delivery method are the following:

  • High security;
  • Versatility;
  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Relatively low cost of service;
  • High speed delivery;

Our fleet has a wide selection of specialized equipment for transporting goods in containers. There are refrigerated cars for transporting gases and liquids, with vertical and horizontal loading.

Our staff will help with the preparation of the necessary documentation, will assist with the passage of customs. Qualified logisticians will develop an individual route to ensure the fastest and most efficient delivery of products. The client can at any time receive information about the current location of the goods. We are responsible for the implementation of each order, and are able to cope with the task of any complexity.