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Transportation by tent vehicles

Transportation by tent vehicles is one of the most common types of cargo delivery. This service costs an order of magnitude cheaper than transporting products with an insulated or refrigerated van. Cars covered with awning can be used to transport a wide range of goods: chemical products, various technical equipment, consumer goods, building materials, furniture, etc.

Transportation by tent transport is carried out by vehicles of various modifications. Transport is selected individually for each order, depending on the volume, dimensions, type of cargo. If necessary, the load is additionally secured with lashing straps. The awning provides reliable protection of the goods inside the cargo compartment from the effects of ultraviolet radiation, precipitation, wind, dust.

This type of cargo transportation is very popular all over the world. This is due to the following advantages:

  • Possibility of lateral, back or top loading;
  • High speed delivery;
  • Relatively low cost of services;
  • A wide selection of automotive equipment;
  • Light weight car;
  • Universality;

The machine for the delivery of products is selected individually, depending on the type of cargo, its weight and volume. Cars with an awning are light enough, which provides them with high speed and maneuverability.

Our company has a wide fleet of vehicles, and can offer several variants of equipment with a tent covering. We will help with the organization and execution of documents, we will calculate the optimal route for the fastest and highest quality delivery. Our staff employs highly qualified specialists, each of whom is a true professional in his field.