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Railway transportation

Rail transport is considered one of the most profitable and reliable, safe. They take second place after road transport. It is more profitable to transport some groups of goods by rail, especially if it is a long distance, and the cargo is not perishable and overall. Often transported and small-sized groupage cargo. High-quality railway communication in the territory of many countries of the CIS, Asia, Europe. They transport construction materials (especially bulk), equipment, metal, scrap metal, coal, automotive and food products.

Who is involved in transportation

Railway transportation is an activity that is not only directly involved in the railway. More often, a certain logistics company provides services, which can select the best route, assist in the preparation of accompanying documents, provide warehouses, loading and unloading. The company is responsible for the safety of the cargo along the route, the contract is signed. Often, cargo securing is required - with the help of a lathing, metal tapes, corners and rods. Advisory services are provided.

Where are the goods transported

By rail, you can carry any cargo, because for this not only ordinary covered or open wagons are used. Other types of containers are offered:

  • tanks;
  • platforms;
  • grain carriers;
  • transporters.

The appropriate type of wagon is selected by the transportation company, coordinating this with the customer.

For many years, our company has been engaged in the transportation of goods by rail, we solve even the most complex tasks, saving the client from the hassle. The main advantages are affordability, transparency of cooperation, deadlines, reliability.

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